At MP3 Car Stereo we will review new car stereo technology, as well as MP3 players like the iPod, Zune, and other players as well. We also want to hear about your experiences with these technologies. We have provided a Testimonials page for you to share your thoughts,opinions, and stories.
About us
MP3 Car Stereo is here to provide you with information and reviews of new car stereo systems, iPods,Zunes, and the other various MP3 players.

We are also giving our visitors access to a Testimonials page, where they will be able to share their stories, thoughts, reviews, and advice as it relates to car stereo and mp3 player technology.

Our F.A.Q. page will provide you with a forum to ask questions that will be answered and commented on by ourselves and visitors to the page.We do ask that you read the previous questions in the F.A.Q before you post a new question, since your question may already be listed. We want to keep the number of duplicate questions down.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us.

Have a great story to share about your new IPOD,Zune, MP3 player, or car stereo? Share them here. We want to hear about all of your stories relating to your car stereo or MP3 devices. The good tales and the bad. We hope that by doing so, you will inpire others readers to share their stories.We want your feelings and comments on the new devices coming out as well.